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Welcome to ACTWELL Energy 

The price of electricity has increased by 177%, which translates to R500 worth of electricity in the run-up to the soccer World Cup in South Africa now costing R1,385.

Load Shedding has cost billions of losses for the business sector and the South African homeowners are well aware of the inconvenience it has caused over the last 10 years.

Decreases in pricing on Solar panels and the advancement in technology on batteries means that renewable energy options such as Off Grid and Grid tied has now become an affordable option for consumers and businesses.

The maintenance cost on Solar renewable energy is very low as long as the components used are of high quality.

Finance options are now available to make it more affordable for consumers.

About ACTWELL Energy

ACTWELL  Energy  was started with  a  basic  idea and principle;  to  help  customers find cheaper,  cleaner energy  with  the  added  benefit of  improving  the  country and  world  we  live  in!   

Looking at sustainability  energy seemed  the most  logical, beneficial and  feel good  route to  follow.

With  shared values  of respect  for integrity,  honesty and  service  delivery; and background in  the cellular, property and  marketing  industries  thus  lead to  the  formalisation  of  ACTWELL  Energy. The electricity shortage in  South  Africa has  left  its  mark, with  rather  expensive  and  noisy  alternatives as the only option  to  remain  operational.  

ACTWELL Energy is looking to offer greener  and  more  affordable  Solar solutions to keep businesses functional. The goal, is to create  long  lasting  business  relationships, through  transparency, great service that is fair  and reliable. 

The  hardest  lesson in life is how to   “remain calm”  in any  situation 

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Our Intelligent Battery Management Systems are all powered by solar.
12V DC Solar Home Systems
awe150 Gold Solar Charger
awe350 Base Solar Charger
220V Inverter Systems

1kVA, 3kVA and 5kVA inverters available.

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What is a solar power purchase agreement (PPA)?

A  solar power  purchase agreement  (PPA) is a financial  agreement  where a Independent Power Producer (IPP) like ACTWELL Energy  arranges  for the  design,  permits  (if applicable),  financing  and installation  of a  solar energy  system  on  a customer’s  property  at little  to  no  cost.   

The IPP sells  the  power  generated to  the  customer  at  a fixed  rate  that  is typically  lower  than  the local  utility’s  retail  rate.  This  lower  electricity  price  serves to offset  the customer’s  purchase  of electricity  from  the grid  while the  solar provider receives  the income  from  these  sales of  electricity. 

PPAs  typically  range from  10  to  25  years  and the  solar  provider remains  responsible for the operation, maintenance   and  insurance of  the system for the  duration of the agreement.  

At the end of the PPA contract  term,  a  customer  may  be able  to  extend  the PPA, have the solar provider remove  the  system or choose to buy the solar energy system from the provider.

What is a solar power purchase agreement (PPA)?

1. No or low upfront capital costs:  

The IPP handles  the upfront costs of designing,  procuring  and installing  the solar  PV system.  

Without  any upfront  investment, the  customer  is able  to  adopt solar and begin saving  money  as soon as  the system becomes  operational.

2. Reduced energy  costs:  

Solar  PPAs provide a fixed,  predictable  cost  of electricity  for the duration  of  the agreement  and are structured  in  as follows: 

Under a fixed  escalation  plan, the price  the customer  pays rises at  a predetermined  rate,  typically  between  4%  -  8%.  

This  is often lower than projected  utility  price  increases  throughout  the term  of the  PPA,  saving  the customer  more as utility  prices  rise over  time. 

3. Limited  risk:  

The  developer  is responsible for system  performance  and operating  risk. 

4. Who can  save?   

• Commercial,  Industrial,  Retailers,  Fuel  Stations  & Industry. 

• Businesses can  save between 10%  to  20% or more  on  daytime  power prices.   

• Customers  who uses a lot  of  power  in  the daytime  and operate  7  days will  see  the biggest  saving.  

• Saving  service station,  supermarket  or shopping  Centre’s  tens  of thousands of  rand each  year

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How it works?

The solar panels ACTWELL Energy  will install  for you  on  your  property  or roof, will generate you  cheaper  and  cleaner  electricity. 

No CAPEX  or investment  and  no  maintenance  or  no service  costs. 

We  charge a  low  price  for electricity  based  on  your  actual usage, guaranteed.  Our contract  is a  simple  transparent    agreement, with  buyout  options  available  at certain  periods. 

No hidden  T&C’s. 

Your  current  municipality  will  still  supply  electricity  at  night  or during  high  demand. 

ACTWELL  Energy  will  help  protect  your  business  against energy price  hikes. 

Each month  you  will receive  a  bill  for the  power  you  have used  and  you  will  see how much  money  you  have  saved.  Your savings  start  from  Day  1.  

At  the  end of the contract,  we will  uninstall  and  go.  

Unless  you  want  us  to stay?